TOP 5+ Best gaming chair under 10000 india 2022(Affordble)

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If you searching for the best gaming chair under 10000 then you came to the right place. Gaming chair for health benifit

Gaming in 2021 is not just entertainment, it is also a profession for many people.

People invest lots of money in purchasing good gaming PC as well as gaming accessories.

But some of them don’t spend money on purchasing a good comfortable gaming chair and that is not a good decision.

A good gaminggood gaming chair can protect you from many physical problems Such as back pain, shoulder pain and body weakness.

If you sit for long hours on gaming session then you must need the best gaming chair.

We all know a good gaming chair comes over 15k to 20K but not everyone can afford that that’s why we create this budget list here we will discuss the 6 best gaming chair under 10000 in India.

List of Best gaming chair under 10000  india 2021

1.BANTA FURNITURES PVT LTD Quad Ergonomic Gaming Chair


Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Swivel Gas Lift

This is one of the best comfortable gaming chairs under the 10000 price range.

We have added this gaming chair to our list only for its quality. If your gaming chair does not use good comfortable material, it is really very difficult to use for a long time.

With the high-quality PU material and soft armrest this claim one of the best longer session gaming chair.

This is an ERGONOMIC chair with a spin support system. the spin support helps you to straighten your back that protect you from many back pain diseases.

It has a 360-degree rotation with a 10CM adjustment lifting system that helps you to manage the height and your direction.

For auto Height adjustment this use RCL and up & down livers.

Inside thisBANTIA FURNITURES use soft user-friendly material that will help you to sit for long hours.

The comfortable backrest and questions made with good qualities Which a branded company offers all the time.

The look and design is a perfect combination of comfort and style.

It has an only weight of nearly 10kg that make this one of the balanced gaming chairs in the price segment

It has three pillows including one head pillow and two other movable waist pillows. The pillow was also very soft and comfortable.

In short, this game chair has soft and comfortable material with some great adjustable feature. If you searching for the best gaming chair under 10000 then without a doubt this is a great choice.


2.Snaptron Gaming Chair


Snaptron Gaming Chair with high Back Support Comfortable

For gaming Snaptron Gaming Chair also a great chair 10,000.

A gaming chair is not only for gaming in today’s scenario almost every big YouTubers and professional workers used a gaming chair because of the comfort.

With the adjustable headset and adjustable armrest this claim the second-best gaming chair under 10000 title.

For making this Snaptron use user-friendly comfortable material that protects your body from back pain, shoulder pain like problems.

It has a message number of cushion that really helpful for your shoulder.

As I said this brand uses an adjustable armrest for Taking a Small Break from your game session.

The chair has a mute wheel that under 10000 very few brand offer.

The rocking modal gives you the freedom to set the chair body according to your comfort.

This gaming chair has two questions one is an adjustable headset and the other one is body protected pillow that helps in long gaming or workstation.

Like our previous gaming chair, this also has RCL and up-down levers to adjust the height.

In a few words, this chair has all comfort protection with an attractive look.

3.Caddy Gaming Chair


Multi Functional Ergonomic Gaming Office Chair

In this list of best gaming chair under 10000, we have a great candy gaming chair.

Now at the time of writing my article in May 2021, the price of the chair is 8000 rupees.

Under this price, this has some amazing features and a look that hardly any other brand can offer.

The budget King gaming chair has comfortable seats with an Ergonomic design that helps in long giving session.

It has a dimension of Depth 558.8MM, Width 482.6MM, Height 1016MM.


The dimensional perfect for an average height person.

The thing that we like the most is usability.

This made for almost any type of work like you can use this on your home, hospital, salon, company, school, college, or corporate sector libraries.

This chair comes with a box that you need to assemble for assembling this you need 2 people.

In one word this gaming chair has a soft and user-friendly custaion with a good look.

4.Pulse Gaming Racing Edition


Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT 07V2.0 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

With a 5 star rating this gaming chair rank only top.

But the disadvantage of this chair is that sometimes the price goes up a lot.

This premium gaming chair has all the features including seat height adjustable, armrest adjustable and diamond cutting design.

Let’s go through one by one Seat height adjustable Help you to adjust the chair hight according to user height and the desktop Table height.

It has an adjustable armrest That gives you freedom of comfort

This gaming chair features an Ergonomic style design with site bolsters that protect you from somebody problems including shoulder pain and back pain.

It has 2 inches table pillow for your back comfort for long gaming and workstations.

these Ergonomic Chairs are designed in great shape with a heavy-duty metal base and frame.

it Has a 2 mm think Steel frame that makes this more study.

It supports up to 180-degree tilt that hardly any other gaming chairs support under this price tag.

with the help of the heavy-duty caster wheels designed to sustain heavy weights.

This gaming chair has auto height adjustable levers with a backstitch lever.

Looking at all these premium features and comfort quality we must say this is one of the best gaming chairs under the 10000 price segment.

5.Ant Esports WB-8077 Green PU


Adjustable Backrest Angle 90 135 Degree Gaming Chair

Ant sports are especially known for their gaming keyboard mouse and accessories.

This list of best gaming chair under 10000 we have Ant sports WB 8077 gaming chair

Almost on YouTube every live stream and gamer using this chair.

Because this has some great specifications including an adjustable cushion, adjustable backrest, smooth castor, ergonomic set design, antimicrobial waterproof leather Let’s talk one by one.

With the help of an adjustable cushion, your back never pains which helps in a long gaming session.

The question is so soft and it made with premium quality material with leathers.

In this and sports use an adjustable backrest with 90 degrees to 135-degree alignment.

That Give you the freedom to use according to your need This gaming chair has anti-microbial with waterproof bonded OU leather.

That is so comfortable and premium qualities.

A simple world this gaming chair has a great design with some premium build certification.

6.Caddy Gaming Chair Adjustable Seat Height Ergonomic Chair


Caddy Gaming Chair Adjustable Seat

We have another stylish gaming chairgaming chair from candy.

As we all know candy especially known for his budget gaming chairs, so this is also and budget option which comes under 8000.

This product has a dimension of Depth 558.8MM, Width 482.6MM, Height, 1016MM.

This is a suitable option for an office, college, school, hospital saloon and other corporate sectors.

This budget chair has a hight of 46 Inches that make this an ideal option for a normal height person.

This has a comfortable soft leather cushion and unique design.

This 90-degree design helps you to straighten your back.

The product comes with a flat 6-month warranty with 10 days replacement.

The selling point of this cheers the design and budget range.

Its soft PU leather and thick cushion never cause you to feel any pain.

For back support, it’s a foam padded cushion. rather than two windows for back support, it’s just one at the centre. The window during a chair is usually useful to flow the air.

Adjustable height lever always gives you the liberty to match the peak of the table and therefore the chair. The wheel stand is made with metal to offer more strength to the chair.

last few words

The above mentioned all gaming chairs come from a reputed brand that rules over the Indian market.

All the gaming chairs are comfortable and good qualities product.

You can buy any of these and you will not feel that your money is wasted.

In our List, we include only those chairs available in the Indian market.

So this is our complete list of the 6 best gaming chairs under 10000.

If you think your favourite gaming chairs is missing on this list then comment below in our next list we surely update that.

If you have any doubt or suggestion for us then common to below we will get back to you soon.


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