best laptop under 30000 for students india jan 2023

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4 best laptop under 30000 for students india
Throughout history, technology has advanced to deliver more power in a smaller form factor and laptops are one of the best examples of this. In today’s world, laptops are no longer a luxury since it is now affordable so that both the casual user and the professional on-the-go can benefit from it.
You can save money if you look into the best laptop under 30000 for students India if you decide to buy your first computer or trade-in your old one. Offering seamless computing at a lower cost, these devices come with all the features you’ll need.


best laptop under 30000 for students india 2021

1. HP Chromebook (14a-na0003TU)
HP Chromebook 14 inch


Intel Celeron processor
Chrome OS
35.56 cm (14) diagonal touch screen display
4 GB LPDDR4-2400 SDRAM (onboard)
64GB eMMC + 100GB Cloud + 256GB expandable
For work, home, school and everything in between
Intel UHD Graphics 600
Product Description
With a processor that is fast and a user experience that is smooth, bring home this HP Chromebook 14. Featuring a 35.56 cm (14) display as well as stereo speakers tuned by the audio giants – B&O – this laptop will provide visual and aural satisfaction. The long battery life ensures that nothing prevents you from having fun and being productive.


2. ASUS VivoBook 14 (X415JA-EK104T)

10th Generation Intel Core i3-1005G1 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 1 TB hard drive, integrated graphics
Windows 10
The audio is by ICEpower, and the speakers are by Harmon Kardon
Slate Grey Color, 1920 x 1080 pixel FHD Display, 14 inch, 1.6 kg
Product Description
With the Asus Vivobook laptop, you’ll stay on top of the latest technology. Content and entertainment will come to life on a 14-inch FHD display with integrated graphics. There is no problem storing a large amount of data on its 1 TB HDD. It also comes with a 10th Generation Intel Core i3 processor and a 4 GB RAM that ensure high-speed performance.

3. Lenovo E41-45 (82BF001EIH)

Screen Size: 35.56 cm (14 inch)
AMD A6 Processor
Windows 10 Operating System
Resolution: HD (1366 x 768 Pixel)
Light Laptop without Optical Disk Drive
Product Description
With this Lenovo E41 laptop, you’ll find all the computing resources you need for any task. A dual-core AMD APU processor and 4 GB DDR4 RAM give you outstanding performance. The laptop runs Windows 10 and has a 1 TB hard drive for all your essentials. Moreover, the 14-inch display’s impressively high resolution and many other convenient features ensure an unforgettable experience.

4. Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 1 (81VT0071IN)

Windows 10 Home
Intel Celeron N4020 Processor
11.6″ HD D Anti-glare display
Intel® UHD Graphics 600
256 GB SSD Storage
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Product Description
A dual-core Intel Celeron N4020 processor powers Lenovo IdeaPad 1 81VT0071IN. 1.1GHz is its base clock speed, and 2.8GHz is its boost clock speed. A graphics processor from Intel called UHD Graphics 600 is integrated into this model. In the coming weeks, Lenovo will introduce a new variant powered by a slightly more powerful Intel Pentium Silver N5030 quad-core processor.



Best Laptop Under 30000 Buying Guide




Processor: You can improve your laptop’s performance By speeding up its processor. There are three main types of processors, i5, i7, and i9. These are all Intel processors. Additionally, AMD processors are a good alternative to Intel’s processors and they are almost always less expensive than Intel chips.
i5 Processor – It is good enough for those who use office applications and browse the web on a regular basis.
i7 Processor – A processor that is faster and slightly more powerful than the i5, depending on the application. Choosing this laptop would be a good option if you plan on doing intensive work on it.
i9 Processor – These are faster than the i5 and i7 and are only found on high-end laptops. These processors are meant for gamers and those who require speed over low price.


Memory (RAM): If you’re looking for a laptop, Random Access Memory (RAM) should be considered. RAM increases a computer’s speed and responsiveness. The recommended amount of RAM for your laptop is 8 GB, as anything lower might slow it down.
Operating System: It is usually Windows that is more common on laptops, but Apple MAC OS is also available. There are many advantages to having a Mac that include user friendliness, easy navigation, and other great features. If you don’t want to spend money on a Mac, choose a Windows PC. Other options include laptops that run Linux.
Screen Size: The sizes and shapes of laptop screens vary greatly. In general, laptops should have a screen size of 14, 15, or 17 inches, but also keep in mind that the largest and most expensive option will be too bulky and expensive. Likewise you might prefer a smaller screen for a more portable laptop, but you may not get as high of a resolution as with a 17-inch screen.



Storage Space: Laptops can be fitted with a number of storage devices, among them HDDs (Hard Disk Drives), SSDs, and external hard drives. External hard drives are safer and easier to use than the hard drives inside a laptop because they are easily removable and more secure.
Battery Life: The last thing we want to happen is to have our laptops fail just before we leave. You should think about how long the battery will last before buying a laptop – even if the screen is great and the processor is fast, but if the battery only lasts an hour, the purchase isn’t worth it.


The list of top laptops under 30000 in India we’ve put together will hopefully help you narrow your search and make it easier to choose the one that’s right for you. After analyzing and comparing a variety of laptop models, verifying customer reviews, handling consumer complaints, looking at price, warranty, specs, and other factors, we carefully selected these models.
Our company does not accept any responsibility for any potential performance problems or damage. Our goal is to help you find the right laptop, but ultimately the decision rests with you. You can make an informed decision by knowing your requirements and by comparing as many as possible to see what differences there are.

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