What Ram is Good for Multitasking India September 2023

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Choosing the Right RAM for Smooth Multitasking in India 2023/ Buy On Amazon

With our digital lives involving juggling between countless apps and browser tabs, ample RAM has become crucial for a smooth computing experience.

If you are someone who frequently multitasks between work documents, streaming media, gaming, video calls and more, having the right amount of RAM is essential.

Based on your usage needs and budget, here are some tips on choosing the best RAM configuration for lag-free multitasking:

For Light Users


If you mostly use your laptop for web browsing, office work, video calls etc. without too many programs open simultaneously, 8GB of RAM is sufficient.

Having multiple Chrome tabs, a Word doc, music player, and Zoom open together works well with 8GB RAM.

Many affordable laptops under Rs 40,000 now come with 8GB RAM that can comfortably handle around 15-20 Chrome tabs without slowing down.

Base model MacBook Airs also pack 8GB unified memory.

For Intermediate Multitasking


Serious multitaskers doing intensive work on MS Office tools, creative apps, data analysis, coding or 4K video editing require more RAM.

16GB is the sweet spot for extensive multitasking capabilities. You can have 30-40 Chrome tabs open, work across Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, run a database tool, while also listening to music without noticeable lags.

Mid-range laptops from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 80,000 often come with 16GB RAM today.

For Advanced Users


Power users working extensively across multiple Adobe apps, 3D modelling suites, data science tools, gaming and streaming may need 32GB RAM or higher.

This allows seamless editing of large RAW images in Photoshop while also compiling code and building CAD models without slowdowns.

High-end laptops aimed at designers, developers and content creators offer up to 32GB or 64GB RAM configuration options for maxed out multitasking.

Frequency and Type


Along with capacity, pay attention to RAM frequency measured in MHz and type – DDR4 or DDR5.

Faster RAM with 3200MHz or higher frequencies performs better compared to baseline 2133MHz modules.

DDR5 RAM in newer laptops also provides extra bandwidth and efficiency, especially in demanding creative workloads.



Many laptops allow upgrading RAM later as your needs grow.

Having just one slot occupied out of two gives you the flexibility of adding more RAM modules in the future.

Research how much RAM your laptop model supports before purchase.

FAQs on RAM for Multitasking India 


Here are some common queries people have about RAM for multitasking:


Q1. Does more RAM increase laptop speed?


A1. More RAM reduces slowdowns when multitasking but doesn’t directly increase laptop speed which depends on the processor and storage type.


Q2. Is 4GB RAM enough for basic needs?


A2. 4GB RAM is quite limited for 2022 and can cause lag when just a few apps are open. Opt for at least 8GB for a smooth experience.


Q3. Can I use RAM from different brands together?


A3. For stability, use RAM sticks of same brand, speed, type and capacity. Mixing RAM is not recommended.


Q4. How much RAM do latest games need?


A4. For modern games, 16GB is recommended for decent graphics and smooth gameplay. Upcoming games may need 32GB RAM.


Q5. Is RAM speed above 3200MHz beneficial?


A5. Very high RAM speeds above 3200MHz provide diminishing returns. 3600MHz is a good sweet spot for most users today.


To summarize, having at least 8GB RAM is vital for lag-free multitasking on laptops today.

Move up to 16GB or 32GB if you frequently juggle between dozens of apps and browser tabs daily. Also pay attention to RAM frequency and upgradability.

For an ideal mid-range laptop that balances great multitasking performance and portability, I would recommend checking out the Xiaomi Mi NoteBook Pro laptop

which comes equipped with a 16-inch 2.5K display, 11th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB SSD storage,

backlit keyboard and over 12 hours of battery life. It’s available on Flipkart for just Rs. 56,990 making it a great deal for intermediate to advanced multitaskers in India.

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For seamless multitasking, having a laptop with abundant RAM, multiple processing cores, and fast storage is crucial.

Many mainstream laptops available in India today offer these specs to effortlessly juggle between numerous apps and browser tabs

The Dell XPS 13 is a premium option for effortless multitasking thanks to its 12th gen Intel Core i7 CPU, 32GB LPDDR5 RAM, 1TB SSD, and 13.4-inch 4K+ touch display.

With cutting-edge specs and immersive visuals packed in a super lightweight 1.17kg chassis, the XPS 13 is capable of handling heavy workloads like editing 4K videos,

compiling complex code, analysing huge Excel sheets with dozens of browser tabs open simultaneously.

The XPS 13 offers unmatched multitasking muscle in an ultraportable form factor.

Though premium, it’s a worthy investment if you frequently juggle intensive tasks


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