Which Laptop Is Best for Multitasking India September 2023

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The Best Multitasking Laptops in India 2023

Our daily lives now include a significant amount of multitasking.

We juggle a number of tasks at once, from responding to emails while working on reports to attending online meetings while surfing the web.

You need a laptop that can handle your expectations for this. The best laptop for multitasking should have a strong processor, lots of RAM, quick storage, and a big display.

We have narrowed down the top solutions currently offered in India based on these criteria.


Best Multitasking Laptops in India 2023 list

1. Apple MacBook Air M1


The MacBook Air powered by Apple’s own M1 chip is a fantastic option for effortless multitasking.

The 8-core CPU breezes through intensive tasks like video editing without breaking a sweat. The 8GB unified memory allows you to run dozens of browser tabs and apps simultaneously.

The blazing fast 256GB SSD also helps with quick boot times and app launches.


The 13.3-inch Retina display offers ample screen real estate.

The Apple M1 GPU can also handle some light gaming during breaks from work. Despite lacking a fan, the M1 chip runs cool and doesn’t throttle performance. For portability, the MacBook Air weighs just 1.29kg.

You also get Apple’s optimized macOS Big Sur software with support for all the latest productivity apps.


2. ASUS Zenbook 14


With its combination of lightweight design, powerful specs and long battery life, the ASUS Zenbook 14 is a remarkable multitasking ultrabook.

It comes equipped with up to an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor that can juggle multiple demanding apps with ease.

You can choose up to 16GB of RAM for supersmooth multitasking capabilities.


The 14-inch full HD display gives you enough screen real estate to view multiple windows comfortably.

ASUS offers plenty of fast SSD options up to 1TB. The 67Wh battery lasts nearly 15 hours on a full charge, so you don’t need to worry about the battery dying during important tasks. Despite its thin and light chassis, the Zenbook 14 packs in a good selection of ports including Thunderbolt 4, USB 3.2, HDMI, and a microSD card reader.


3. HP Pavilion 15


HP’s Pavilion series offers the right mix of performance and affordability for students and home users.

The HP Pavilion 15 model comes configured with up to 11th gen Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB SSD, and 15.6-inch full HD display. This hardware combo can juggle over a dozen Chrome tabs, Office apps, Zoom calls, and more without breaking a sweat.


HP also offers customizable options with 11th gen Core i5 CPU, up to 32GB RAM, 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD, and Nvidia GeForce discrete graphics.

The Pavilion 15 weighs just 1.75kg for easy portability around the house or classroom. Battery life is decent at over 8 hours per charge.

Overall, the HP Pavilion 15 hits the sweet spot between price and multitasking capabilities.


4. Acer Swift 3


Acer‘s Swift 3 manages to pack strong performance and portability at an affordable price.

It’s powered by the latest 12th gen Intel Core i5 and i7 P-series processors with integrated Iris Xe graphics. You get the option of up to 16GB LPDDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD.

The 14-inch IPS display with 2.2K resolution provides sharp visuals and screen space to juggle multiple windows.


Despite its thin 17.9mm chassis, the Swift 3 delivers over 10 hours of battery life on a full charge.

It weighs only 1.2kg for easy carry. The magnesium-aluminum alloy body is quite durable as well. For connectivity, you get Wi-Fi 6, Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.0, and USB Type-A ports.

At this price, the Acer Swift 3 is one of the best laptops out there for multitasking.


5. Microsoft Surface Laptop 4


Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 comes configured with 11th gen Intel Core i5 and i7 processors along with integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics.

You can choose up to 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD. The 13.5-inch PixelSense touch display is perfect for managing multiple windows and touch gestures.


The Surface Laptop 4 excels at productivity with its optimized hardware and Windows 10 OS.

The omnisonic speakers with Dolby Atmos allow you to enjoy music or videos while working without external speakers.

Despite its ultraportable design, the Surface Laptop 4 delivers over 17 hours of battery life for uninterrupted multitasking on the go.

Add to that the 1.3kg lightweight chassis, and you have an excellent laptop for juggling different tasks.


6. Dell XPS 13


Dell’s XPS 13 has set benchmarks for premium ultraportables year after year. This multitasking workhorse is configured with up to 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, 32GB LPDDR5 RAM, 1TB SSD, and 13.4-inch 4K+ touch display.

The tall 16:10 aspect ratio display lets you view more content vertically when multitasking.


The aluminium and carbon fibre body looks premium and packs light at just 1.17kg. Despite the thin profile, the XPS 13 delivers over 12 hours of battery life per charge.

Combine that with the fast performance and vivid display, and the XPS 13 is one of the best Windows ultrabooks for effortless multitasking. Connectivity options include Thunderbolt 4 ports, microSD slot, and Killer Wi-Fi 6.


7. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon


Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon line is synonymous with durability, security and performance.

The latest gen model is powered by 12th gen Intel Core processors with vPro, up to 32GB LPDDR5 RAM, and 2TB SSD. The 14-inch 2.8K OLED touch display is excellent for managing multiple windows and spreadsheets.


Military-grade durability allows this 1.1kg ultrabook to keep up with mobile multitasking.

Lenovo packs a 57Wh battery that lasts over 15 hours per charge. Other features include a backlit keyboard, Dolby Atmos speakers, fingerprint reader, IR camera, and plenty of security provisions. For ports, you get 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports, 2 USB 3.2 ports, HDMI 2.0 and 3.5mm audio jack. If budget isn’t a concern, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is arguably the best multitasking laptop.


Frequently Asked Questions on Multitasking Laptops


Here are some common queries about choosing and using laptops for multitasking:


Q1. How much RAM do I need for multitasking? 


For seamless multitasking, you should look for a laptop with at least 8GB of RAM. 16GB RAM is ideal if you want dozens of browser tabs open or run heavy programs like video editors or development IDEs simultaneously.


Q2. Do more processor cores help with multitasking?


Yes, having more cores and threads allows the processor to handle multiple tasks parallely. Look for at least a quad-core processor from Intel or AMD. The latest gen Intel Core i5 and i7 processors with 6 or more cores offer the best multitasking capabilities.


Q3. Is SSD better than HDD for multitasking?


Absolutely. SSDs are much faster than HDDs which helps open apps and large files instantly when multitasking. Having a 256GB or larger SSD along with 8GB+ RAM ensures the best multitasking experience.


Q4. How important is the display for multitasking?


It’s quite important to have a good screen with Full HD or higher resolution, IPS panel for wide viewing angles, and at least 14-inches size. This allows you comfortably open multiple windows side by side without straining your eyes. Touchscreens offer added convenience for gestures.


Q5. Does screen resolution impact multitasking?


Yes. Lower resolutions like 1366 x 768 don’t offer enough onscreen real estate or clarity for multitasking. Look for a 1920 x 1080 Full HD or higher QHD/4K display for crisper text and more room for multiple apps and browser windows.


Q6. Should I get a graphics card for multitasking?


For general multitasking, integrated graphics like Intel UHD or Iris Xe graphics are sufficient. Dedicated NVIDIA/AMD GPUs help if you also want to game or edit multimedia occasionally. They empower applications like video editors to utilize GPU acceleration.


Q7. How do I maximize battery life when multitasking?


Reduce screen brightness, close unused apps and browser tabs, and use battery saver mode to extend battery life. Choose a laptop with over 8 hours of battery life for uninterrupted multitasking on the go. Carry your charger and use AC power when possible.


Q8. Which operating system is best for multitasking?


Windows and macOS are equally capable for multitasking. macOS offers seamless integration between Apple devices via Continuity. Windows offers greater flexibility in terms of software compatibility and customization for power users. Choose as per your personal preference.


Q9. Which software features help with multitasking?


Useful software features include: snap layouts to dock apps side by side, virtual desktops to organize workspaces, clipboard history to quickly access copied text/images, and display scaling to fit more content on the screen. On Windows, Microsoft PowerToys has advanced multitasking tools.


Q10. Does laptop weight and size matter for multitasking?


If you want to use your laptop on the go, lighter and more compact models under 1.5kg are preferable. They cause less fatigue when using on your lap or carrying around. For home us

e, you can opt for larger 15-inch models if the display real estate is a priority for you.


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